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My food stamp renewal came due and I never got my food stamps for the month of the renewal. I had, on a grocery trip at my last renewal, purchased my groceries with cash and took my reciept to the customer service desk and they transferred my purchases to my food stamp card and refunded my cash money.

I asked the customer service desk if this was still something they could do for me and they said it was.

So, I borrowed money and went grocery shopping with cash. But when the next month finally came and I recieved my food stamps for the mot=nth i missed and the current month, the customer service desk explained that they were sorry, but they cannot transfer my grocery purchases onto my food stamp card.


They did it in the past and now they aren't going to it? Especially after I confirmed that they could?!!

I have been shopping at Giant Foods for 20 years. They have lost my future business.

Monetary Loss: $312.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #662855

Did you at least have the courtesy to say "thank you for helping to buy my food with your taxes" to them? I doubt it.

You are getting free food and still complaining??? You need to stop whining and learn how to support yourself.

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