Sitting in the café at the Marville Giant's should not b a location to push some "special needs" agenda re: soe of the employees. They show up & sit in the CUSTOMERS café always at the same time certain customers R having their purchased food/meals!

These employees, like the other employees have a LUNCH ROOM provided by the company to have their meals and take their breaks. Your employees should b using the lunch/break room provided for them and not taking space up reswerved for the customers. The woman named "Karen" reprimands a customer who had to sit upstairs at a table and chair outside a bathroom to eat HER lunch as there was no room at the café, including the employees using this café when THEY HAVE THEIR OWN BREAKROOM. This Karen tried to imply the customer was complaining about their "SPECIAL NEEDS" employees, blocking the woman with her own hand to prevent the elevator from going BACK downstairs after telling the CUSTOMER she couldn't sit there.

This KAREN refused to listen to the customer, treating the old woman as a 4 year old child somehow thinking she was a crusader for SPECIAL NEEDS employees. The lunchroom was full of a group of racous men on two tales and Giant employees using a customer café! It had NOTHING to do with their (sniff sniff) special needs employees!! Amasing the audacity!!!

Maybe there are some serious reasons this store isn't favored by area customers-unless, of course, you have a family member with special needs!!

UNBELIEVABLE! Is Karen looking to be the next governor or a cutie pie icon for a special group?

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #1356853

this is what always baffles me, when people get it in their minds that employees cant be customers. if they didn't have their uniforms on then their wouldn't be a problem. So whats the difference if they have their uniform on?

to your mom #1412213

Employees are customers with or without uniforms. Money spends the same way. They should be treated as so a customer regardless of what they wear on the clock or not.

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