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What a pathetic mgmt staff at Giant in Clarksville MD, as of July 2017 it's got to be the worst (new) staff handling the Starbucks counter! How is it possible for Giant Management not to recognize they have absolutely incompetent employees representing Starbucks, and if they do see it and do nothing about it shouldn't they be fired?

Not to mention their newbies who lack any sense of customer service and could not be less friendly. Whether it be the clueless Starbucks corporate Mgr being completely bs'd, you are an ***, or the new Starbucks counter Mgr, you have no business being in a customer service industry, & the completely unacceptable barrista-NOT who cant make anything with espresso, consider yourself lucky if you only order a push button black coffee!

Hey Starbucks corporate - your precious expensive brand is being completely trashed in Clarksville MD Giant store. Your coffee isn't worth this kind of bad experience and certainly not worth starting your day out with a cup of coffee here and dealing with ignorance & unpleasant people behind your counter first thing in the morning!

Product or Service Mentioned: Starbucks Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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