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I just purchased a bag of nature's promise heart healthy bread from giant store, I though it's a reliable brand, but apparently I am wrong. The bread is supposed to sell by Oct 11, but I found some molds on pieces of bread.

Unfortunately, I realized that is molded bread only after I have eaten some. I am still disgusted and wish that wouldn't cause any cancer because mold is carcinogen. I want to complain, but don't know where I should file complaint. I thought food safety is good in U.S.A, but it seems nothing is so reliable in this country as in other developing countries.

Attached are some photos I have put. I wish no one else can get to be cheated by this brand.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of giant food stores bread from Giant Food Stores and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $5000 and wants Giant Food Stores to offer any options to resolve the issue.

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I haven't had one problem with Nature's Promise in any category. I've found so many varieties at local Stop and Shops. N P had opened up better eating options for me.


I just have some natures promess soup..and it have to mucho salt!!!! The salt content is off the charts!!!!


My wife bought me a Nature's Promise gluten free baguette. It was barely edible, but I can't complain...

she has gone out of her way for 15 years to help me with my gluten intolerance. Finally I suggested that she not buy it any more. I pulled a broken piece out of the wrapper and it fell apart on the counter; the birds won't even eat it. My wife suggested that I toast it.

I sliced off three pieces with a $50 bread knife; they all fell apart. Don't they test products before they put them on supermarket shelves?

Fairfax, Virginia, United States #1246580

nature's promise is just bad.

all their products mold prematurely and have a funny "dish water" after taste.

why is that?

everything from their juices, milk, bread, boxed goods, 'fresh' OR dried plus their meats including seafood.

? i think it's a scam and not a very good one.

Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, United States #1241748

Nature's Promise used to be good a decade+ back, it's Giant's/Stop & Shop's house brand. Used to buy their cereal and cookies all the time.

But somewhere they stopped caring about organic and natural ingredients and expanded the product line like crazy to basically include nearly every type of thing sold in a supermarket down to even meat and cold cuts.

They started putting in questionable ingredients in what I used to buy.

Even the nut milks (soy milk, rice milk, etc) they put in big no-nos like carrageenan. Or their brand of peanut butter used to be just peanuts and peanut oil, maybe salt. Now it's peanuts and palm oil, and a bunch of chemicals, what?

It's a sad day when Smuckers (via Smuckers Naturals) can outdo you as an health brand for much less ($3 vs 4.70) and only contains peanuts.

Whoever runs that Nature's Promise division either stopped caring, or retired, or the powers that be told them to get bigger margins, or whatever... but my once-favorite store brand has turned to complete ***.


Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, United States #1230137

its food and subject to environmental factors .... let say the bread was shipped and the temp got to high for too long. the food could spoil.

This is not a brand issue.

You should have called Giant as soon as you noticed the mold and I am certain they would have exchanged it for new - non moldy bread.

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