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Giant in Loyalsock PA (Williamsport)... An Employee posts videos that are offensive.

He calls himself pissed off taxpayer on his youtube account. He hates law enforcement, instigates, harasses, and uses filthy language. He also call people retard often. I am truly offended, he has a speech impediment himself and yet still uses that term.

I refuse to shop at Giant if he is still working there. I plan to show all of my friends and family the videos and encourage them to boycott this establishment as well until he is no longer employed there. He also refers to many citizens as welfare bums... well most so called welfare bums use food stamps correct?

Well this means he is making fun of potential Giant shoppers for being poor. I work hard for my money, do not receive welfare, but i still feel like you should be alarmed that he would be so abrasive in public. I am a supporter of local law enforcement and will not tolerate his behavior towards them.

I also have plenty of family members that have disabilities and refuse to support those that like to make fun of the mentally challenged. This is not a joke, watch the videos for yourself His name is Kevin if that helps you He loves telling cops to F off and suck his D

Reason of review: employee is inappropriate .

Preferred solution: Fire Kevin aka pissed off taxpayer.

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Have you reported this information to the store manager ?

If not, then you're barking up the wrong tree.

to Smitty #1523450

It's been reported

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