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I come to this store almost everyweek,i have a big famliy. pretty much every time i come im at the deli and i see this same lady, and she is always grumpy and rude.

this women ann aka deli manager talks to us customers with a attitdue. she never has her hair up and away from her shoulders a few times ive seen it in pigtails.

i know that people have bad days and we cant help it but this lady must be having a bad day every single day. i feel bad for her workers if she treats us customers like this.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #623840

Judging from you lack of capitalization, poor grammar, and punctuation, you shouldn't be criticizing anybody. I'm sure the hairstyles she uses, that you see fit to complain about meet certain qualifications.

Why are you complaining about the fact that she sometimes wears it in pig tails, at least then it isn't hanging loose, like you also think is improper.

If you have a big family, what does that have to do with anything, and also the big families that I know don't shop at the deli. Maybe it is your attitude that makes her have a bad attitude.

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